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Between the federal government offering tax credits for installing these systems, to the State of Connecticut point of sale rebates and also sponsoring EnergizeCT, which offers low cost financing options for these systems, theres plenty of ways to lower the up front cost of these systems.

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Heat pumps are a great way to help lower your oil consumption and supplement your heating costs. These systems are tremendously versatile and can be used for not just heating, but also for cooling. While the word “heat” is in the title, these systems are a great answer for providing air conditioning to older houses that were built without ductwork. Heat pumps are essentially two-way air conditioners. In the summertime, they work like any other AC unit, removing heat from the air inside and pushing cooled air back into the room. In the cooler months, they do the opposite, drawing heat energy from the air outside and moving it into your home to warm things up. The process is especially efficient, using half as much energy on average than other electric home-heating sources.

A heat pump system is the most efficient way to handle both heating and cooling for your home, no matter where you live. They’re also better for the environment. In fact, they’re one of the best ways for homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint and reap the benefits of a greener future without sacrificing comfort. While there’s an upfront cost, millions of homeowners would save money with a heat pump over the life of the device. Plus, you’ll save even more with incentive programs that are out there to help cover the initial costs.

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BobbiJean EvansBobbiJean Evans
16:50 03 Apr 23
Over the weekend, I had trouble with my furnace. A technician named Erin came within in the hour of calling for service. He was very polite, and knowledgeable. His diagnosis was complete within minutes.I was very impressed and very happy with Erin and the company overall. Highly recommend.
joe palusojoe paluso
22:28 03 Mar 23
Been using Yankee oil for over 15 years. Long term employees, stable and consistent service. Always a fair market price, but what separates from most is service - they take care of their customers. Responsive, considerate, professional, trustworthy... and go above and beyond. The bad review just placed by my tenant, was yankee simply honoring my request that any service calls are vetted and placed through me. Tania, owen, David, and the team at Yankee are industry veterans, and im not alone in stating Yankee is a safe and best choice.
Raymond Kibbe JrRaymond Kibbe Jr
21:05 06 Feb 23
Weekend in Feb when temp was -4 degrees, had my boiler fail. Yankee had a tech here within a couple hrs. The tech was here until 9 o'clock PM to get us heat and hot water. We have used Yankee Oil for 4 years now Everyone that we deal with from the office to the delivery driver's and the tech's have always been super nice knowledgeable and respectful to us. Their prices are definitely reasonable and the qaulity is always there. I highly recommend them.
Erin GrahamErin Graham
12:30 02 Feb 23
Great company to work with. They're always prompt with deliveries. Staff is always very friendly and customer focused. Ibhave found their website to be very beneficial. The online bill payment option had made my life very easy.
Jonathan BirdseyJonathan Birdsey
05:19 08 Dec 17
Yankee just installed a new boiler and hot water tank, and we could not be happier. Their prices were reasonable and the quality of the installation is top notch. Only ball valves, and lots of them to isolate any potential trouble area. Individual high efficiency circulator pumps for each zone, instead of zone valves that don't regulate flow well. Wiring and plumbing is neat and well organized, the system was made as compact as possible to free up space. They take care of any energize CT refunds available. Their techs are well trained, and have the best equipment for tuning and checking efficiency. They take care of the permits, and the replacement went fast, and they left everything very clean.Above and beyond, these guys earned every star!

Heat Pumps Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are several types of heat pump systems, including air-source heat pumps, ground-source (geothermal) heat pumps, and water-source heat pumps. Air-source heat pumps extract heat from the outdoor air, while ground-source heat pumps use the relatively constant temperature of the ground as a heat source or sink. Water-source heat pumps extract heat from a water source, such as a pond or well. Each type has its own advantages and considerations depending on factors such as climate, available space, and installation cost.

The installation of a heat pump system typically involves several steps, including selecting the appropriate type and size of heat pump for the home, positioning the outdoor unit (condenser/compressor) and indoor unit (air handler or ductwork), and connecting refrigerant lines and electrical wiring. Installation also requires consideration of proper insulation, ductwork design, and compliance with local building codes and regulations. It's essential to hire a qualified HVAC professional for the installation to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Regular maintenance is crucial for maximizing the efficiency and longevity of a heat pump system. Maintenance tasks may include cleaning or replacing air filters, inspecting and cleaning coils, checking refrigerant levels, lubricating moving parts, and verifying proper airflow. It's also important to keep outdoor units free of debris and vegetation to maintain adequate airflow. Scheduling annual professional inspections and tune-ups can help identify and address any issues before they escalate.

Like any HVAC system, heat pumps may encounter common problems such as reduced heating or cooling capacity, uneven temperature distribution, unusual noises, or refrigerant leaks. These issues can be caused by factors such as dirty filters, refrigerant leaks, electrical problems, or improper installation. Prompt diagnosis and repair by a qualified HVAC technician are essential for resolving these issues and restoring the system's performance and efficiency.

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